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To inspire, motivate and support the professional development of educational leaders so they can lead strong! 

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 Educational leadership is hard work and although it is the second most contributing factor to school improvement & academic achievement; administrator support programs are not as robust as teacher support programs. 

When I began my first year as a secondary principal, I struggled. I was new to some of the blatant opposition to change and the few grievances that were filed against me during my first year, and I needed support. I received some support but I needed more. This made for a very challenging school year and I was ready to throw in the towel. But, I reached out to other leaders and navigated my way through.

School teachers have beginning teacher support and curriculum and instruction professional development throughout their tenure. I argue that school administrators need beginning leadership and support throughout their tenure as well. The issues principals deal with are insurmountable - from budgets to facilities, hires to fires, school boards to students, parents to community partnerships, evaluations to write-ups and everything in between. 

The primary goals of this website are to:     1) Provide novice and tenured school principals a forum to seek and receive professional development that is aligned to the CPSELs  2) Develop a learning community of support for principals           3)  Provide research based strategies that uniquely tackle the difficulties of school leadership 4) Build a network of administrators that strive to lead strong

Contributors to this page have over 20 years of school leadership experience in elementary & middle school, comprehensive high school, alternative education and adult education. 

What does it mean to Lead Strong?

To lead strong, you need to be a constant consumer of diligent research based leadership and instructional practices, seek and receive PD related to the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs), face leadership challenges with courage & integrity, be a leader of learning, seek out support when you need it, lead with passion and support the leadership of other leaders.

We Lead Strong is a collective effort among leaders to develop, support and encourage educational leaders to lead strong! 

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